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CIO (Consumer Information Obligation)

The Consumer Information Obligation (CIO) affects members who are considered sellers under the Regulations and cover all companies with retail outlets in the UK.

The CIO was originally introduced as part of the Regulations in 2000 and required obligated businesses defined as “sellers” to inform their customers about recycling. This information to consumers covers areas on:

  • Where packaging can be taken for recycling,
  • What are the sellers and consumers role in packaging recycling and,
  • The meaning of labels on packaging.

  • 1. Local Recycling – Follow the Links and input your postal code to find where you and your consumers can recycle packaging waste.

    Recyclenow Link

    2. Sellers and Retailers Role in Packaging

    In order to improve recycling performance a number of steps can be taken by producers.

  • Waste Audits. Clarification on what can be recycled and in what quantities. Seek opportunities of reducing waste by best practice and where possible adopting a more efficient operating system so eliminating or reducing unnecessary waste. Is your company producing recyclable materials of the right quality and quantity, segregated efficiently to justify a collection by a waste management company? What opportunities are there of maximizing a return on your packaging waste materials.
  • Are you utilizing the services of your waste management company fully, do they offer a comprehensive recycling service?
  • Packaging minimization. Can packaging be reduced without compromising product safety or transportation requirements?
  • Have all options been explored into the use of multi use packaging systems.
  • Have all options been explored in take back options on packaging such as pallets giving the opportunity of a reuse.
  • Are there opportunities of working within regional or local initiatives to increase the quantity collected?
  • Local authority and local Environment Agencies offer a wide range of advice on waste management and waste minimization, has this opportunity been utilized to the full.
  • As a retailer do you display information to the consumer on the local recycling centers and bottle banks?
  • In order to achieve the above Recycle-Pak will work with those members, mainly retailers whose main activity is “selling” to inform consumers about the role they can play in increasing recovery and recycling of packaging waste. In addition and in line with the requirements of Consumer Information Obligations (CIO) the scheme will work to inform and educate the public on the following,

  • the return, collection and recovery systems which are available to consumers,
  • the consumers role in contributing to reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging and packaging waste,
  • the meaning of markings on packaging which exists in the market with the aim of identifying relevant symbols which will aid in the purchase of recycled/recyclable goods,
  • Provide information contained in the waste chapter of the national waste strategy relating to packaging and packaging waste..

  • 3. Symbols and Labels on Packaging

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