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By entering into a contract with Recycle-Pak, we take on your legal responsibilities under the Packaging Regulations by registering your company with either, the Environment Agency (EA), the Scottish Protection Agency (SEPA) or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

The scheme works with its members to ensure that packaging data provided by its members is calculated at the appropriate target rates and is accurate. All the appropriate documents are provided by the scheme.

Recycle-Pak submits the data to the relevant Agency and pays the appropriate fees on behalf of its members.

The Scheme will purchase the required evidence in the form of PRN’s on your behalf. These are purchased in bulk contracts from reprocessors, therefore assuring the lowest possible price.

A full business plan and certificate of compliance is presented to the relevant Agency each year confirming that all the above legal requirements have been met by the scheme on behalf of its members.

Agency Annual Registration Structure

(vat exempt)

  • For a single company registration the Agency fee is £564.

  • For a single registration in Northern Ireland the fee is £776.

  • A Group registration is liable to additional fees for each of its subsidiaries.

  • - For the first 4 subsidiaries £180 each

    - For the 5th to 20th subsidiaries £90 each

    - All subsequent subsidiaries £45 each

  • Small producer allocation method £345. This is an easier option for small companies with a turnover of between £2 million and £5 million per annum.

  • Obligation Fees or PRN Charges

    (subject to vat)

    This is the charge schemes levy for the purchase of Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN’s) to meet its member's recovery and recycling obligations.

    PRN’s are purchased on a quarterly basis and costs can vary from material to material. The value of the certificate is also subject to market forces such as supply and demand.

    The scheme is able to provide information on charges on request based on discussions with reprocessors, market forces and on many years of experience in dealing in this field..

    Compliance Services & Benefits

  • High level of Personal Service. This is seen as an essential element in minimising costs.

  • The Scheme will carry out all the legal requirements on your behalf including, registration with the Environment Agency, data processing, Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) purchases and the provision of a certificate of compliance for every member at the end of each year.

  • A low Cost Membership Fee.

  • Free on site personal consultation. Members and prospective members will be assisted in all aspects of the Regulations including data gathering and & processing.

  • Free on site packaging audits.

  • Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN’s) will be charged at cost.

  • Calculations and advice on Obligations.

  • Work with members to exchange their back door packaging waste for PRN’s so helping to meet costs from existing waste streams.

  • Identification of potential cost reductions.

  • Provide advice on systems for assessing and collating packaging data.

  • Meet members Consumer Information Obligations (CIO) mainly for retailers.

  • Provide advice & information on other EU Directives.

  • Provide support and information on waste handling operators, recycling equipment and packaging consultants.

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