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A Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) is documented proof that packaging material has been recovered or recycled by an accredited recycling company.

The Regulations state that obligated companies must recover and recycle a proportion of the packaging handled in a full year. This means that evidence is acquired to show that an equivalent amount has been recovered somewhere. This evidence takes the form of a certificate called a Packaging Recovery Note or PRN.

Obligated businesses who are covered by the Regulations must meet their packaging recovery and recycling obligations by purchasing the required number of PRN’s from accredited recycling companies. These are usually purchased direct from the reprocessors or alternatively a compliance scheme will purchase on behalf of a member.

An alternative form of evidence is the Packaging Export Recovery Note (PERN). Some packaging is exported for recycling overseas and exporters of such material can become accredited to issue evidence in the form of PERN’s. These have exactly the same value and purpose as the PRN’s.

Recycle-Pak contracts with a set number of reprocessors to purchase on an annul basis the necessary PRN’s to meet its combined members packaging obligations. These PRN’s have a value which is set following consultation between the scheme and the reprocessor and can vary significantly throughout the year depending on market conditions and in accordance with supply and demand.

The revenue generated from these sales is reinvested into projects by the reprocessors to ensure the amount of recycling carried out in the UK meets the targets set under the Regulations.

The funds from PRN’s are essentially used to:

  • Encourage collection of packaging waste materials.
  • Fund capital expenditure in new recycling plants and transport.
  • Subsidising pricing of new products made from recycled materials.
  • Cost subsidisation of exported package waste materials.

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